Eastward, Again

• Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada •

A single dose of the east coast blues was warrant enough to return. Little did I know what was in store when Patrick and I visited Nova Scotia, just one day after returning from Newfoundland.

After a 12 hour shift (yes, I worked right away the next day after returning) and another two hour flight (I know, I could have just flown from Newfoundland), my boyfriend (Patrick) and I landed in Halifax, a destination he had visited via bus tour in his childhood. But oh, the places we’ll go; I’d show him a different side of Nova Scotia, with a more realistic itinerary, even though I’d never been.

Highways in Nova Scotia are amazing. No traffic, everyone is respectful, asphalt condition was immaculate, and people actually follow the passing-on-left-lane-only rule.

DSCF4890 copy

We drove straight to Lunenburg from the airport and after some grocery shopping, since we had a whole afternoon free. I was half expecting to get that beautiful shot of the docks and the colourful row houses, but then it occurred to me we needed to be on a boat.

DSCF4898 copy

DSCF4889 copy
Ice cream and sweets at Sweet Treasures Confectionery in Lunenburg.

Instead we were in the Bluenose II (note: boat on the Canadian dime), when it was docked. We walked around. Grabbed some delicious ice cream – and who knew I’d be craving ice cream the entire trip? Window shopped along one main street, and gosh, I really wanted to buy whatever I saw. Especially from a store called Dots and Loops.

But I couldn’t give in. It was still day one. And I still owed Patrick 2.5% of our down payment for the condo, so my bank account was a little bruised… and is still recovering.

DSCF4912 copy

Our day was short and sweet, and what made it sweeter was our airbnb at Boutilier’s Point. Our hosts, Tony and Sheena (but mostly Tony), welcomed us to their garage loft for two nights. From our balcony we could get a glimpse of dusk, dawn, and the night sky.

Honestly, as simple as this day was, I was satisfied. And this made me realize that starting small, and setting small goals, helps to achieve bigger ones.

4 thoughts on “Eastward, Again

  1. Lovely post accompanied by bright and cheery images of Halifax, which I love. Your write up on Community Pool drew me to your blog and I’m so glad that it did!

    Liked by 1 person

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