Being Touristy

• Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada •

Seeking silence amongst the hustle and bustle of small tourist communities isn’t too difficult if you have a sense of calm within, and the ability of a long exposure at hand.

As much as I try to distance myself from touristy areas, I somehow was able to mould myself amongst the throngs of people entering the village, one charter bus after another. I thought that the amount of people and the dark, gloomy skies would dampen my mood, but perhaps my skin had thickened from the constant exposure to people that it did not bother me one bit.

DSCF4925 copy
Green and yellow hues along Peggy’s Cove Rd.

DSCF4943 copy

DSCF4951 copy
I should really sit up straighter…

From the Swissair Flight 111 memorial site (something Patrick had known from watching Mayday), you’ll notice people surrounding the cozy, waterside beauty at Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.

DSCF4955 copy

Once I stepped out of the car, I instantly felt the “fishing village” vibe of Peggy’s Cove. The smells, craft shops, colourful wooden houses, lobster traps… it was truly a sight to see.

DSCF4970 copy

For the first time ever I was able to do a proper long exposure… all because of the remote shutter (gifted by Patrick, since I urged him to buy me one once I returned from Newfoundland). So I took a couple, and at this point I didn’t really feel hurried, as I usually did before.

I guess the more you do photography, the more you start to not care about people looking at you weirdly when you get your gadgets out and all. And so you take your time. This being said, I kind of felt bad that this small group of tourists were making fun of this couple, where the girl was posing what probably was for model instagram shots. Well, we do weird things all for that ideal shot.

DSCF4989 copy
Waiting for that lobster roll from Maritime Pasty Co.

DSCF4992 copy

Thankfully, my seafood allergy from tenth grade was just a fleeting thing, so Patrick and I shared the one and only lobster roll of the trip from Maritime Pasty Co., which was a long wait but I think it was worth it. I remember McDonald’s had introduced it to their menu but it didn’t really catch on. I like the texture of lobster, but it doesn’t really stand out compared to scallops ❤️.

DSCF4995 copy
Too many photo pit stops headings towards Duncan’s Cove.

As I ate the salami sandwich Patrick prepared (our second snack), I walked around and took on the breathtaking scene of the shallow, rocky waters from the visitor parking lot. I could see a few people down there, lead by a small path, but I figured we head onto our next activity, a hike along Duncan’s Cove (psst, so stay tuned for the next post).

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