Beyond the Fog

• Cape Split, Nova Scotia, Canada •

General overcast meant dense fog during the drive, the hike, and the views. On this somewhat lengthy hike, we were struck with a feeling of surrealism, like a place floating in the sky.

Located in Scots Bay, the Cape Split hike is a highly-suggested 3-6 hour straightforward hike through (an unremarkable amount of) forest. If you pull through and manage to overcome boredom and exhaustion – from hiking without scenery, because you won’t see anything till the end 😂 – you’ll reach a beautiful field of green on 200 foot cliffs and see the Bay of Fundy.

That’s if you even have enough visibility. Sadly, we couldn’t see the Bay of Fundy because of the fog that clung to the air. Not being able to see much did give an eerie feel to the place though.

DSCF5047 copy

DSCF5053 copy

We could have easily turned back any time during the hike and said “f*ck it, we ain’t gonna see anything anyways”, which I think was Patrick’s train of thought not even an hour through. But of course I ignored his complaints and told him to put his gym sessions to use. 😒

DSCF5059 copy

DSCF5062 copyAnd as I predicted, reaching the end still felt like the walk was worth it.

We shared a little snack like most of the trail goers at the cliff, looking out into nothing really. Just cooling off because the hike had made us hot. I was surprised I didn’t get too cold considering my lack of tolerance to cool temperatures.

Walking back to the car eventually made us numb (we walked about 18 000 steps). You know that feeling when you’re tired as hell, but you just keep walking? Steps heavy, kind of clumsy? I’m pretty sure we weren’t dehydrated, but yeah, that was us.

It was odd, the difference in weather just a five-minute’s drive apart. We broke away from the fog as we neared the Lookoff, where we made a pit stop at a cafe, and there you can enjoy a $3 two-scoop ice cream while looking out onto lush, green farmlands.


8 thoughts on “Beyond the Fog

  1. Wow! From walking inside of a cloud for most of your day transitioning to those vibrant greens at the end of the day probably made them seem all the more vibrant. I have learned to love the fog. Like you said, it can be unfortunate that it blocks some magnificent views, but the surreal feeling you get is kind of a neat experience in and of itself. Awesome pictures.

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    1. Thanks Sydney! Yeah, I’ve experienced hiking and driving through thick fog too many times not to like it. There’s something about taking things slowly and taking precautions, having little visibility, that makes going through fog thrilling and spooky.

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