Moissanite over Diamond

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” they say. “Diamonds are forever.” As my four year anniversary with Patrick flew by this past August and having bought a condo this year, there are moments where I think hard about a proposal, a wedding, a life together… That kind of stuff.

I don’t like to make it obvious that I think about these things (people don’t peg me as the type to, I can be pretty savage IRL), but I do. But as someone who thrives with an occasional “treat yo self” mentality while living affordably, I’d like to think there is another finer option than a diamond.

And there is! Perhaps you’ve heard about it, but I just learned about moissanite this year (I’m late, I know 🙄), and it seems there’s been a rise in popularity in this unique gem.

<Cue advertisement> Because it’s affordable. Lab-created and therefore cruelty free; have you heard of blood moissanites? Exactly. And it mimics a diamond so well. It’s not a “fake diamond”, it’s a moissanite. Just a different rock.

  • Natural moissanite is extremely rare, so instead it is synthesized in a lab. And because it’s created in a lab, you can bet your dollar that you’ll get quality goods.
  • Second to diamond in Moh’s Scale of hardness (it’s 9.25, while diamond is 10), but more brilliance (refractive, think disco ball) than diamond. </end advertisement>
Moissanite engagement rings, such as that from Vancouver’s Davie and Chiyo on Etsy.

Hearing people talk about their significant others dishing +$10k for a ring makes me all 😐🙃😵 from the sheer absurdity, especially considering things these days are getting pricey. For the price of a 1 carat diamond ring, you could get a pretty decent 6.5mm (1 carat) solitaire moissanite ring, in addition to: a cat (for myself I’d prefer a munchkin, british shorthair, or scottish fold), an Apple desktop, or an amazing honeymoon + multiple trips, with some left over. Or whatever you choose.

Or you could use it to pay off a house/condo. Because who wants to start their married life with debt? Most of all, from a rock? Nope, because a house/condo is enough.

Especially in Toronto, where things are gettin’ expensive.

But do remember, purchasing moissanite is a choice, agreed on by both parties. So don’t think of it as settling (it’s a beautiful gem in and of itself), and don’t try to pass it off as a diamond 😂!

I know, some people think a cheap ring means all sentiment loss. Or a diamond alternative is “just not the same”. Or that a diamond is an investment (which I doubt, because it’s not property or stocks, it’s a shiny, very hard rock 🙃). But in this day and age things are getting expensive as f*ck.

Which sucks, but it makes you really question what is important: in life, in love, in your goals – as an individual and as a soon-to-be family. Especially if you don’t have the means to do all the things you want like lottery winners, mister/missus moneybags, and generally, the wealthy.

I’m not really talking about living with minimalism. And I’m not bashing diamonds and the people who want/buy them. Rather, it’s what is important for your future. For my (our) future. I don’t expect an expensive ring. Perhaps you do, be it your preference or what, which is totally fine, but consider your situation, and what you want it to be, how you want to live your life.

What I hope for in a life of marriage (other than love) is financial stability: earning enough and having the resources to be able to do meet the demands of adulting and the things both of us enjoy. Going out for fun, dining out, treating each other and our families, maintaining and taking on new hobbies, travelling… I don’t want to know that what rests on my finger could have opened doors to opportunities and experiences.

Moreover, I don’t want him slaving away for an expensive rock that “justifies” how much he loves me. I know he does, because I can feel it in his actions, his words, and even in moments of silence.

And anyways, given the nature of my work it’ll face wear and tear (hopefully not the latter 😂). But in the end it’s the memories created and being able to pursue what you want, opening doors to new experiences and revisiting old ones, that are important. To me, those are forever. ❤️

10 thoughts on “Moissanite over Diamond

  1. I felt the same way as you about diamonds, so in the end we found an antique ring. It was miiiilles less pricey than a new diamond ring (they lose half their value as soon as you leave the shop floor) and I like the idea that my ring as a bit of history along with it.

    Moissanite sounds like a good alternative too though. I hope you love whatever you end up with.

    p.s. I spoke to quite a few friends about the cost of their rings because I was curious. It seems like online people post that it’ll cost +$10k BUT I knew VERY few people that had rings worth more than $5k. I mean that would still be waaaaay too much money for me to have on my finger everyday! Most of my good friends have gorgeous bling for less than $1k or $500. It’s still pricey, but not blow-your-mind-level figures.

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    1. How old was the antique ring you got? The uniqueness and elegance of antique rings are what make me second-think about a simple solitaire. 🤔

      And I haven’t asked around for prices. I just assume they are at least $5k because of the size of the rock… and the preferences of their wearers.

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      1. Mine was from the 1920s. We found it in an antique shop (rather than a jewelry shop). I did look at solitaires, but I love the intricate details on the older rings…

        It cost £600, but was valued at £1200 or insurance. They had a MASSIVE diamond in the same place for £1500 (that was worth £3000) but it was way too bling for me to be comfortable wearing daily!

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    1. You and me both. Good thing silicone carbide (ie. moissanite) was discovered. Hopefully it doesn’t get as commercialized as diamonds and its prices raise drastically. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. I have never heard of moissanite. I definitely agree with everything you’re saying. Spending money not only on engagement rings, but also the money spent on a huge wedding, sounds beyond necessary in terms up “proving our love.” My fiance and I talk a lot about how instead of spending money (and even time) on these things, we prefer to spend our money and time on travel and experiences. Thanks for sharing a more affordable alternative!

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  3. When my husband asked me what kind of ring I wanted, I told him “not expensive”. He was graduating university, I was out of school, but had only been in the workforce for a couple of years. The ring I chose was $750 and it included the wedding band. I loved it. And now, 12 years later, I can only wear it on special occasions, because after 3 kids, I developed eczema and can only wear jewelry for a short period of time. So it goes to show you that even if someone spends thousands of dollars on a ring, who knows if it will end up sitting in a jewelry box, only to be taken out a few times a year.
    – Christine

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    1. That’s a pretty amazing deal! 😮 And I hadn’t even thought about this until you brought it up. Sometimes health conditions get to you and you develop a sensitivity, you aren’t able to fit into it anymore, or something else. Thanks for your input! 😊

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