Bye Bye Breton

• Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia •

Waking up to an air of silence, sprawled on a spacious king bed, in a cabin that might as well be in the woods, with no plans but to explore the rest of the Highlands… it felt too good to be true.

While I would have liked to relax all day in the cabin, we spent our last day quite productively, driving through the national park’s route in its entirety. In a clockwise direction, we began at the fishing village of Chéticamp, and ended up driving in the dark, back to our cabin in Boularderie.

DSCF5157 copy

With more time, I would have explored Chéticamp. Passing by the houses which reminded me of Lunenburg and St. John’s, and the farmland situated below the mountains, gave me a sense of calm. Chéticamp is truly like one of those small, peaceful communities you read of from books…

DSCF5171 copy

DSCF5184 copy
The lookout on the Skyline Trail.

Pictures of the Skyline Trail don’t do it justice. I am not a fan of heights, but there’s never any fun if there’s no thrill and risk, right 🙃? I found it very easy to miss a step on the boardwalk (which by the way, I didn’t), especially with the view distracting you.

When there’s too many steps, there’s a point where if you lose your “momentum”, it’s hard to coordinate one leg going up, then the other, etc. You become too conscious of it. 😐 And all it takes is a missed step to simply roll over… possibly to the side of the mountain… and then goodbye.

DSCF5192 copy
Learn about the flora and fauna found on the Bog Trail.

There was a long stretch of construction on the northwestern part of the Highlands, so we stopped over at the Bog Trail, which most people passed by. It probably was not challenging enough of a trail. Not exactly my cup of tea for that reason, but it was educational, and I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was half expecting to see an animal but I guess not today… Not at all on this trip actually. 😕

DSCF5205 copy

When you look at the park map, you can find hairpin turns near Wreck Cove. Above was the lookout just before we met with this disgusting size of a fly, an inch long, that stuck onto our car till we finished the turns down a steep slope.

DSCF5212 copy

DSCF5215 copy

Despite harsh winds (perhaps it was just the weather the time we visited), I would recommend stopping by Green Cove. While it is a lookout/stopover and thus, neither high up nor challenging, I did like standing on the boulders and being close to the water. Plus, there weren’t many parking spots, meaning not a lot of people.

DSCF5224 copy

All in all, I was really satisfied with the outcome of hard work, planning, and the compromises that made up this trip. Would I visit Nova Scotia again? Probably. I’ve got a good taste of the province, but I have yet to explore other parts of Canada. Some day I will visit again, but for now it’s goodbye.

11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Breton

  1. hi! nice post… Cape Breton looks nice and the view from the skyline trail has to be awesome. But I wonder why they didn’t even put like a rope on the side of the trail, if it’s so easy to fall down the cliff. It doesn’t seem to be much extra work, considering the wooden trail they build right in the middle of the hills…

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 And yeah, rope railings would be nice. I guess it’s because they don’t want to ruin the 360° view? And of course, park maintenance assumes you acknowledge the risks of hiking and such, since it’s no different than hiking elsewhere.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it was a sight to see! If I hadn’t seen pictures of the Skyline Trail I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to go. Even though it’s a little bit of a walk to the boardwalk, it’s quite popular, even with the young and old.

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