Taking a Break

Sometimes we become trapped in a whirlwind of busyness, life throwing things we’ve sought for and tried to obtain, or events that take us by surprise… whether we want it or not.

From finally submitting my application to a wound care program, to my mom going on a last-minute flight because of my grandmother’s health, organizing a cottage getaway for my friends, attending a workshop, contributing to our nursing unit’s Christmas decorating project towards a hospital-wide contest, sneaking in a week in New Jersey/New York before the end of the year, and the sudden passing of a close friend’s loved one… a break was definitely needed.

I’m not just talking about taking a break from blogging. Although I do regret that blogging was the thing I had to sacrifice amidst of all this, I haven’t really had the opportunity or inspiration to publish a post in the past couple of weeks. 😥 Or maybe I’ve just been out of my writing groove…

I’m also talking about taking a break from the things that we have made commitments to, the ones that pull us and our priorities in opposite directions, taking a toll on our wellbeing.

I do like the productivity. I don’t have too many “adult” commitments yet to feel this productive with my time, so at times I do wish I actually had more things to do. But I know what I become when I’m overcome with too much to do: sacrifice my sleep for results I want, give into cravings, and sometimes spend more $$$ than I usually would (totally unacceptable that I’ve worn out the “treat yo’self” excuse the past couple of weeks… oh my poor wallet 😭).

When you find yourself engulfed in a hectic mess (ie. life’s “curve ball”), take a break. A step or two back. Maybe not right away, or maybe as soon as possible. You owe it to your (busy) selves, living your (busy) lives, to take a break.

A break is a time for healing, a period to cleanse our minds, to de-stress our bodies, and to nourish our souls. So you can come back as kind of a blank slate, feeling refreshed and more open.

IMG_1750 copy

You owe yourself those moments to reflect and build on who you want to become, what you want to do with your time, the values you want to embody, and the memories you want to last forever.

This may mean delegating tasks onto others; being away from the computer, the job, sometimes even parenting or care-taking… whatever it is that consumes your time, your creativity, your soul.

So take care of yourself. ❤️ Life’s too short to slave away your energies.

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