Testing Lululemon’s Quality Policy

“Quality is the heart of who we are… Product quality is the foundation we stand on and this foundation is comprised of three key areas: fabric, performance and craftsmanship. If our product doesn’t perform for you, we’ll take it back.”

Beyond the usual 30-day return/exchange policy, I came to find out if this popular Canadian athletic apparel company does stand by it’s quality promise.

With much reluctance, I convinced myself that if coworkers could do it, so could I.

Long story short, I bought Lululemon’s Cold as Fluff parka (approximately $250 plus tax) two years ago and found that the material of the torso region pilled intensely. It was the first ever down jacket I had bought for myself, but the pilling was a disappointment.

Fine and dandy at the front…
But a shameful mess at the back (at the pits, really).

I heard from my coworkers, who heard from their sources and thus confirmed it themselves, that one could trade in year-or-more-old leggings or sweaters because of pilling or such. Too good to be true right?🤷🏻‍♀️ But this is considering how much Lulu’s products cost; you’d think they should be created to stand a considerable length of time and wear.

Leggings and sweaters I understand getting traded in, but I was skeptical about bringing in a jacket. A jacket of two years, but technically six months. I swear I took good care of it (see, no stains on the white), and it was washed only once in its lifetime, but the pilling on the sides (which happened in its first year, but I tried to ignore it) was something I felt ashamed of, ’cause fuzzy pits. 🙃


Thankfully Patrick, my boyfriend, was there to advocate for me (‘cause hell knows I become a bumbling mess; plus, he’s more able to advocate when it comes to getting and ensuring quality goods) so that I could get whatever it is I wanted in return… Which I had no idea what I wanted, because what transpired took me by surprise (returning items is a rare thing for me). Since they didn’t have the jacket in stock anymore I went with store credit.

I was surprised they gave me exactly the cost of the jacket, plus the tax, as if I had never paid for it. I did feel like I had ripped off the store, the company. I daren’t abuse their quality promise, but I am more inclined to purchasing their products… if there was a sale.

Though now I see Lulu in a new light. It’s a company rooted in its mission. Although their products are expensive as f*ck, you definitely get what you pay for.

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