Who is the creator of Paperybox?

Hi, welcome to Paperybox! My name is Beatrice and I am a 20-something registered nurse working and residing in Toronto. I was born in the Philippines until the age of six, where then my family uprooted our life and moved to Canada. Since then, I haven’t really stepped out of the country until I started working as a nurse, which funded my travels, life, and everything between.

With the need to distance myself from the hustle and bustle of work and sometimes school (being a nurse means ongoing learning!), I fill up my time with things I enjoy, such as travelling, photography, gaming, art, hiking, exercising, shopping, eating, and naps.

What is Paperybox?

Born in August 2017, Paperybox is my first public blog with the idea of sharing my creative/artistic abilities in mind, with like-minded individuals. Since I started taking photos, I had wanted a place to store and share [some of my] photos and memories of trips I’ve gone on, rather than share it on Facebook… only to be liked, and then forgotten.

So photography, writing, visual arts… I hope to share my adventures – past and present – and musings with you, so stick around, keep reading, and feel free to give me a nudge.

Disclaimer: In no way are my posts affiliated or represent my current place(s) of work. And because I work a “two days-two nights-five days off” schedule, I will try my best to post regularly.