Beginnings in Cape Breton

• Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia •

A breathtaking sea of green and hairpin turns along a beautiful coast is what makes Cape Breton the ideal detour (or destination) for a road trip. Oh, and car advertisements.

Just a three-hour drive from Halifax, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park draws in thousands of people each year to hike the many trails along its routes. While driving, you’ll be surprised that the road conditions are far better than most cities, such as Toronto.

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Beyond the Fog

• Cape Split, Nova Scotia, Canada •

General overcast meant dense fog during the drive, the hike, and the views. On this somewhat lengthy hike, we were struck with a feeling of surrealism, like a place floating in the sky.

Located in Scots Bay, the Cape Split hike is a highly-suggested 3-6 hour straightforward hike through (an unremarkable amount of) forest. If you pull through and manage to overcome boredom and exhaustion – from hiking without scenery, because you won’t see anything till the end 😂 – you’ll reach a beautiful field of green on 200 foot cliffs and see the Bay of Fundy.

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A View from Military Bunkers

• Duncan’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada •

With sturdy shoes and a couple of hours in your day to spare, immerse yourself in the remnants of Nova Scotia’s history as you walk through the gorgeous oceanside trail of Duncan’s Cove.

A little ways from downtown Halifax, you start off by parking in one of very few (like four) spots available near the trail. A short, uphill walk on a gravel road to an unknown house (signs are posted by the owner, probably due to a lot of hikers accidentally trespassing) leads you to the trailhead.

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