Moissanite over Diamond

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” they say. “Diamonds are forever.” As my four year anniversary with Patrick flew by this past August and having bought a condo this year, there are moments where I think hard about a proposal, a wedding, a life together… That kind of stuff.

I don’t like to make it obvious that I think about these things (people don’t peg me as the type to, I can be pretty savage IRL), but I do. But as someone who thrives with an occasional “treat yo self” mentality while living affordably, I’d like to think there is another finer option than a diamond.

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Driving Your Travel Pals Crazy

The ne’er-do-as-they-sayers, non-participants, over-sleepers, the scatterbrained, those who insta-this or snap-that…. the list can go on. If you have ever travelled with others, you may have been a victim (or a perpetrator) of an unfortunate trip that could have gone better than it did.

This is not to throw shade on those who may impede on the “success” of your trip and anyone in particular. Rather, from first-hand experience, it is a quick rundown of what to look out for – in others, and perhaps in yourself as well – so that you are aware, are more mindful, and can agree towards a common goal on your ventures. All to prevent a sweet trip from turning sour.

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