Sand, Speed, Structures… and Camels

• Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE •

Two years ago on a late April afternoon, I found myself realizing that I had paid off my student debt, had a full-time job, and had never been overseas in over ten years. A 2-in-1 trip to the UAE (particularly, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Hong Kong fuelled my inspiration for somewhere with “sun”, “sand”, and “sights”.

Forget that my family had to leave me behind for the Philippines on Christmas ’14 when I was still in my three-month new hire probation. Or the fact that I would visit California and New York a year later, both of which I do not recognize as overseas; they are literally my neighbours. I really had not stepped foot out of North America in years, so last year my boyfriend and I booked tickets, six months in advance, for Dubai and Hong Kong.

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